Special Section: 60 Min Nano Tech – Strategy and Show Cooking

There is no doubt that nanotech will play a role when we make the future an asset today. Understanding the underlying “operating system” that make up the properties and performance of material is crucial. Everything around us bear witness of activity taken place beyond our sensory capacity. Nanotech give us access to this world and give us tools to design or embed our desires in matter.

The areas affected include, but are not limited to: Experience Design, Sustainability, Health, Personal Food, Traceability, Texture, Packaging, Sensors, Data extraction, Temperatures, Precision Agriculture, Storage & Delivery, Innovative and Augmented Bar, Restaurant Equipment, etc

In order to make something happen we need to connect science and industry/business. But what are the opportunities for the food industry and how do we put this technology in motion?

We will give an update on what nanotech can do within the field of food and beverage. All we want from you is imagination.


– The Challenge, how to connect science and industry, Mats Brodén, CEO Embedded Nano

– Nano Strategy Thinking – Prof. Lars Montelius, Director General at the International Nanotechnology Laboratory

– Nanotechnology in practice applied in the food sector, Prof. Lorenzo Pastrana Head of Food and Health at the International Nanotechnology Laboratory

– Panel discussion: How to set up a Nano Strategy  and seize the opportunity

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