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As one of the main thought leaders in the Nordic foodtech ecosystem, our team focuses on innovation programs and business development opportunities, sharing specific competencies and diverse backgrounds.

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Johan Jorgensen has done Internet since it began and food-tech is his specialty. No, let’s call it passion. Or, rather, obsession. The food system must change and tech is the way forward. Don’t ask him about food-tech – he won’t stop talking…

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Daniella has been collaborating with chefs all over the world, starting as a sommelier for Marcus Samuelsson in NYC and later working as GM at Mathias Dahlgren. Today she is a published children books author, writes for a few magazines and our general expert in anything related to food, sustainable content and large projects. She also handles all of our general requests so get in touch!

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Anders has a resume the length of a river. Ex Unilever, Country Manager of Coca-Cola in Sweden, Partner at Booz Allen Hamilton, founder of Cruyff Institute in Sweden, founder of The Power of Sport Foundation, and co-founder of the Smaka på Stockholm food festival.

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Antonio Escanilla


Antonia has a strong passion for all related to food and sustainability. With a masters degree in gastronomy and sustainability, and a background in communication she is now working on the Good Food City Project as well as the Good Food House Project.

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Johan Turesson has run 13 restaurants, one hotel and co-founded Smaka på Stockholm food festival. He has a totally un-matched network in the hospitality scene and is a fountain of ideas. He describes himself as being “lazy”. Don’t believe him.

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The Story

Sweden Foodtech was formally founded in 2016 when several long-timers within food and food tech decided to join forces and build Sweden into one of the world’s leading hubs for food tech. Our sister company is Smaka Good Food Festival, one of the world’s largest food festivals and the prime yearly event for the Nordic food scene for the past 30 years. Since its inception, the founders and co-workers of Sweden Foodtech have taken it upon themselves to lead the discussion and development of the next gen food system in Sweden and beyond.

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What is FoodTech?

The current food system does not enable consumers to understand what it is they are eating, and how it affects their health and our planet. A couple of generations back we lost the connection between people and food, we moved into cities and we stopped being as engaged in food production anymore as we used to be. Moreover, the world population is exponentially growing, climate is changing and we need solutions to properly feed the next generations. That’s where foodtech comes in


Foodtech is the intersection of food and technology; the application and use of technology to improve agriculture and food production, supply chains, the distribution channels and ultimately consumption. Food innovation also involves the design and development of new products, the improvement or combination of existing food products, research into food trends and food management. These broad definitions cover a very wide field, from companies using science to improve the yields or composition of produce, to businesses working on reducing time to market and simplifying the supply chain, through to the online marketplaces, delivery services and in-house gadgets in the hands of the consumers.