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Foodtech means huge business opportunities for both the traditional and most innovative companies. From the production to the retail to the restaurant services: at Sweden Foodtech we work with the best organization and corporations in order to support them exploring and better understanding the future-of-food market potential.

From go-to-market strategy to securing investment and finding the right partners, we will be with you every step of the way

With decades of experience in the hospitality and restaurant industry, the Sweden Foodtech team is dedicated to bridging the gap between the traditional food industry and up-and-coming startups. We want to understand your needs and extend our network and knowledge to your team.

Featured Projects


Lava Cheese

Lava Cheese is dried and baked Icelandic cheese made into a chip – with no carbs. The company started in Reykjavik and landed in Sweden in 2018. Sweden Foodtech worked with the team in order to establish local production and distribution. A partnership opportunity was generated in order to set up a production facility on the island of Gotland. Thanks to Sweden Foodtech and Smaka på Stockholm events, the startup met with mentors, buyers and retailers that helped them start a local business. Currently, Lava Cheese is available in many stores all over Sweden, starting from some deli-stores and retail chains.


Ixon has developed a proprietary method for food preservation that allows meat to be shelf-stable for a guaranteed minimum of two years. The company will use this technology to produce packaged sirloin steaks and pork chops, sterilizing food at a moderate temperature of 60-80C, which allows keeping both flavor and moisture. 

Sweden Foodtech started a collaboration with Ixon in 2019, presenting and serving their innovative products at the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet. One year later, in 2020, Ixon becomes one of the main partners of the conference. Sweden Foodtech is supporting the company in order to get access to investors, buyers and production facilities. On top of that, Sweden Foodtech is an official supporter of the Kickstarter Campaign launched during autumn 2020.

Plant Jammer logo

Plant Jammer

Plant Jammer is a Danish startup that has been part of the SFT Foodtech Village since 2018. Plant Jammer has developed an app and a white-label solution that allows you to create and start cooking delicious vegetarian recipes based on what’s available in your fridge. Sweden Foodtech has invited the team to showcase the technology at Smaka Good Food Festival 2019 and later positioned the company with COOP, the third biggest retailer in Sweden. As a result, Plant Jammer was selected to the Bloomer Accelerator, did a pilot with COOP and has integrated its solution into Sweden Foodtech has also introduced Plant Jammer to Barilla which led to the team joining Barilla corporate innovation program Good Food Makers. 

Foodtech ecosystem mapping on behalf of the city of Stockholm

Foodtech is set to bring about the disruption of the food ecosystem via technology and innovation. Places with a high degree of health-consciousness, sustainability, change-mindedness and technological maturity are set to lead the way. As one such place, Stockholm is a fantastic home to the burgeoning Foodtech sector. We’ve been working with Invest Stockholm in order to build a strong foodtech ecosystem.


World Expo 2020 in Dubai

At the request of the Swedish Government, we curated a Food week for the Swedish Pavilion at the World Expo 2020 in Dubai and invited Nordic companies to showcase their products. Companies took part in the Expo as one of the exhibitors, and participated in a series of talks, among next gen foodtech leaders. The talks focused on the innovative products and technologies that support the shift to sustainable food production and consumption.

“Sweden Foodtech team has been so supportive throughout our startup-to-growth journey. They helped liaise us with celebrity chefs in Sweden so that we could present our technology in dishes that the audience can perceive and experience”
Felix Cheung
Founder and CEO of IXON Food Technology

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