Foodtech Village is the community for food tech changemakers entrepreneurs, shaping the future of food. 


The Community

In 2018, Sweden Foodtech has launched the Foodtech Village Community supporting all the entrepreneurs and change-makers pushing the food industry to the next level. The Village offers exposure, development and growth opportunities through activities like mentoring, community meetups, bootcamps, food & tech expos and fairs. Currently, it has more than 200 registered members. 75% of the startups are based in Sweden and the rest are from the Nordics, Europe and even China, India, Russia, South Korea and Haiti. We support these startups in exploring the Swedish and Nordic markets, offering connections to investors, partners and innovation programs. We also provide them with exposure opportunities at our events, like the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet conference.

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Who is this for?

  1. You are an early-stage startup if you have recently started a business around foodtech, as a sole trader or with your team.
  2. You are an expert startup if your business is already flying.
  3. Your team is growing and you are on the market.
  4. You are an advanced startup if you are an established company or research group, almost ready for the corporate world. 


+ Free entrance at Foodtech Village community meetups, seminars and workshops.

+ 50% discounts on tickets for Sweden Foodtech Big Meet annual conference.

+ Discounts on other events hosted by Sweden Foodtech and Foodtech Village partners.​


+ Foodtech Village offers you connections to a network of superstar mentors into the food & business ecosystem.

+ Access to acceleration programs and innovation boot camps. As a member, you can also get access and discounts for partner programs.

* Some programs might require a fee.




+ Opportunity to get access to exclusive and high-profile expo arenas like Smaka på Stockholm, Gastronord (bi-annual), Sweden Demo Day and so on.

* Exhibitors may be charged at cost for their expo space and utilities.


+ Privileged access to development programs and presence at Foodtech Village international partners.

+ Articles and interviews about your startup included in the Foodtech Village and Sweden Foodtech social media channels and community newsletter.

"The Foodtech Village is one of the reasons UrbanOasis exists today. Our largest collaborations and partners have been the result of us attending the annual conference in Stockholm. They are an amazing team, with great energy and drive. They will be a critical stakeholder for achieving a long-term food strategy for Sweden"