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The future of food lies in places such as Stockholm. Health and sustainability are in the Nordic DNA, as is a curiosity for novelties. Around this, we engage with changemakers and partners to build the best communication experiences and events, all year round. June is definitely when we reach the pick with our Smaka Good Food Festival and the Sweden Foodtech Big Meet, an extraordinary celebration of food and entrepreneurial get-together, attracting speakers and influencers from all over the world.

- Since 2016 -

Sweden Foodtech Big Meet

Since 2016, we bring on stage bold ideas, stunning demos and insightful comments galore! You come out smarter and better equipped to face the ever-increasing pace of disruption in the global food system. We talk about stuff like dark kitchens, food robots, the nutritional data tsunami, AI, new food products, the protein shift, how nimble and well-financed startups poach the best talent from the incumbents and much, much more. Did we mention all the participating top chefs, scientists and athletes? Now we have!

Some of the amazing partners through the years

Working with Sweden FoodTech was the best decision I’ve made in my carrier, they helped us bring the event to the right audience and to lunch on a solid ground. I will use them every single time I want to release a new Mango juice. 

Mango Emoto

- Since 1991 -

Smaka Good Food Festival is the largest culinary festival in Europe. For 30 years we have supplied top chefs, gastronomical experiences and entertainment to an annual crowd of more than 350.000 people. Every first week of June, in the central Kungsträdgården we gather around 40 of Stockholm’s most exciting restaurants and food trucks that serve everything from traditional Swedish dishes to exotic creations from other parts of the world. This delicious experience revolves around the “3 Gs of food”: Good for you, Good for the Planet and Good Taste. 

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we were forced to cancel the 2020 and 2021 editions. But stay ready and join us next year for the biggest Smaka Good Food Festival we have ever created!

Some of the amazing partners through the years

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