Test Kitchen by Sweden Foodtech

No product is complete until it comes into contact with reality, but professional prototyping and testing is expensive and complex. Through the Test Kitchen, we make it possible for new products to be tested and developed in a unique collaboration between leading development chefs, entrepreneurs and producers.
Take the opportunity to set new eyes on products and see what new, creative directions you can take with it.


“I participated with Kaffe Bueno for the first time in 2023 and had an excellent experience. Having multiple chefs experimenting with our ingredients in front of me and being able to get their feedback on real-time was a uniquely valuable way to increase our understanding of the USPs of our ingredients.”
Alejandro Franco, Kaffe Bueno

“Big Meet was the first exhibition we were offered to take part in a “test kitchen” format. We found the meeting with leading chefs very useful – first for getting feedback on our product, and second, as an opportunity to open new collaboration options after the event. The chefs chosen were very cooperative, presented unique dishes, allowed to use their names and recommendations on social media and even shared the recipes for the dishes they served. We saw that the audience got enthusiastic with the format and mainly gathered next to the kitchen.
After the show, we were able to keep in touch with 2/4 chefs, and their restaurants became our clients.”
Gali Fried, Vanilla Vida

Photo: Miki Anagrius

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